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Our designer, Stacey, creates each design by hand, using her signature pen and ink, and monochromatic watercolor palette that is always in style, timeless and chic. Staying committed to fine details is Stacey’s specialty, which is shown through her greeting cards, stationery, gift bags, and growing gift line.

s.e.hagarman takes every detail of their products into consideration. Stacey’s original designs first make a run through their graphics team before being sent to their Alabama and California printers for mass production, which are then sent back to their manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania.

About Our Leather


After receiving our productions, our talented staff meticulously hand embellishes our products with crystals, flower appliques, embossed paper, and a light dusting of glitter. After the drying process, our products are individually packaged and shipped to retailers nationally and internationally for the past 12 years.

We hope our products continue adding sentiments of style and sparkle to the special people in our lives through our stationery and growing gift line.

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